at Nave - Artist Residency Program I Santiago de Chile I January 2018

Jumping was the starting point of a longer artistic process in which Gloria Höckner started to work with dance forms that emerged from Hardcore Techno. At the artist in residency program at NAVE in Santiago de Chile, Gloria Höckner – together with Marc Carrera and Teresa Hoffman – was able to research on dance forms like Melbourne Shuffle, Jumpstyle or Cutting Shapes. These dances are not anymore improvised to music in a club but have established their own vocabulary. Since the launch of YouTube, they are also spread and developed online. Gloria Höckner was interested in the nowadays virtual transforming body and how it re-materializes in the here and now – in clubs and public spaces where these dance forms are still practiced together. Santiago de Chile has a lively Shuffle and Jumpstyle scene that Gloria invited for a laboratory, where they shared movements and danced together.

Videos by Mila Ercoli in collaboration with Camila Huenchumil