Hard Cores in Soft Shells choreographically explores dance forms, that emerged from Hard Core Techno. Starting point of the piece was the youth-cultural movement “Krocha”, that existed between 2007 and 2009 in Vienna. Apart form their individual style and way of talking, they defined themselves through their own dancing style. Krochen is related to other hardstyle dances like Melbourne Shuffle, Jumpstyle or Cutting Shapes, but also has visible roots in Charleston. These dances are not anymore improvised to music in a club but have established their own vocabulary. Since the launch of YouTube, they are also spread and developed online. So the dances are performed in front of the camera, mostly by young people, and thus don‘t transform – like it was in the club – in dialogue with the music, but also through their relation towards the picture.
Hard Cores in Soft Shells takes up this relation of the movement to the picture and to music. Within the form of the steps but also within the performer‘s bodies which move in the same beat, there are different social contexts inscribed that become visible.
Gloria Höckner draws attention to the relation between the body and the almost never ending repetitive Four to the Floor Beat of a techno club night and to the relation of the movement to the hard beat of the music. The movement embodies the beat and thus itself becomes the beat. The performers establish a compositional space which they are holding together and which becomes their space for interaction. Are the bodies in the beat or the beat themselves? What happens if the beat is over?

Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg, K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg, Schaltzentrale, Jakobs GmbH

Video: Jonas Fischer
Fotos: Giuliani / von Giese co-o-peration
Hard Cores in Soft Shells

22. & 23. 6. 2018 at K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg
Performance: Marc Carrera, Teresa Hoffmann, Gloria Höckner
Choreography/Concept: Gloria Höckner
Music: Jetzmann
Mentoring: Antje Pfundtner